18 November 2011

Solo Spaceship Game: AAR & Download!

I've been playtesting my new solo spaceship miniatures game by playing one or two turns a day.  I find that by playing solo games slow like this it keeps them fresh, as well as keeps me objective.

My last post detailed Turn 1 of the game.  I started taking pictures of Turn 2 and then my camera, which has been intermittent, went totally kaput.  So you'll just have to take my word for it...

In Turn 2 the Poroth, the only size 3 ship on the board, took another hit.  At the end of the turn the Poroth failed to repair any damage and was down to three available energy allocation schemes.  As demonstrated by its readout below, the Poroth's #3 energy scheme is the only one which features movement in the first and second priority positions.  Losing this option really slowed the big ship down.
An already slow ship loses its dash option

Finally after Turn 5 the Poroth fixed one of the two damaged energy channels, despite the fact it rolled two dice for damage control every turn.  Turn 5 also saw another ship, the Platero, finally take a hit.  One lesson learned from the playtest so far is that hitting targets is fairly difficult from long range.  I think this would get tedious continually rolling misses if you played turn after turn in one sitting, but playing one turn a day I don't mind.  I'm not changing the weapons fire rules because I think the lack of hits comes not from poor game mechanics but from my apprehension to close... it's starting on the 6th Turn and both factions are still only a third of the way away from their starting table edge.  I've been spending energy on blazing away ineffectually instead of steaming to a better firing position.

I'm still playing this game but I like the rules enough to name them and knock out a quick 5 page rule sheet.  It's on my downloads page so check it out.  I've decided to name it Greater Space Battles as an homage to Stewart Cowley's Great Space Battles, my favorite of the four Terran Trade Authority Handbooks.  In addition to the rules download, a powerpoint file is also located on the downloads page so you can make Vector/Readout Discs for your own ship designs.

I'm planning on doing a pen-and ink for the cover after finals are over in December.  If you download and play, I always appreciate constructive comments.

edit: I just finished the Weapons Fire Phase of Turn 6 and I take back all those words I said about ineffective shooting.  No less than four ships took hits, with the Platero taking three new hits including one critical hit!

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