13 January 2019

Two 6mm Scratchbuild Future Tank Platoons: Finished

I completed two platoons of future tanks last night, finally finishing up the detailing.

Overall I'm pleased with all aspects of these except the tracks: I dry brushed so sloppy that in general I obscured the detail I painstakingly sculpted.  Oh well, that's learning.  Next time I'll paint a lighter base color on the tracks/wheels and then hit it with a heavy wash.

06 January 2019

(WIP) 6mm Scratchbuild Future Tanks: Painted

Got the base coat, wash, and drybrushing on two platoons of future tanks.  Managed to get some details on one tank, shown here.

I'll put a few more details on this little guy and then hopefully finish the other seven in a similar manner by the end of the week.

EDIT: Thanks for the kind words guys!  I tried to reply the normal way but for some reason Blogger isn't allowing me to comment on my own posts.  Weird.

04 January 2019

(WIP) 6mm Scratchbuild Future Tanks: Heavy Tank

I finished a new sculpt a few days ago, this time a heavy tank, and have been steadily creating copies since then.

The first pic below is a full life cycle shot from sculpt to duplicate cast.

I've managed to create a full four-tank unit as shown next.  I still need to clean the flash off of these and add the barrels but I think they turned out well.  I really like this design.