Dead CCG Trades

Welcome to the cemetery of collectable card games (CCG).  I still attempt to play these games either solo or even head-to-head on the rare chance I actually find an opponent.  Play-by-forum via the internet has really breathed life back into my multi-player CCG experience recently.

In addition to playing all of the games listed below, I also trade them.  I have extensive card collections for each system and am always looking to complete them.  As I get my cards cataloged I will post my haves/needs lists for each system.  My contact info will be listed on the PDF files if you want to propose a trade.

Most importantly: I'm looking to play any and all of these games (by forum if necessary).  Let's play!


Quest for the Grail CCG (Stone Ring Games 1995): Have for Trade

Quest for the Grail CCG: Need in Trade

Mythos (Chaosium 1996): Collection complete but if you need anything, contact me, I probably have it.  I have a sealed "Legends of the Necronomicon", "Cthulhu Rising" and "The Dreamlands" booster boxes available.

Illuminati: New World Order (Steve Jackson Games 1995): Multiple (~30) sealed Unlimited boosters.  I also have hundreds (thousands?) of loose cards so if you need a rare, I may have it for trade.

Star Trek: The Card Game (Fleer/Skybox 1996): An under-appreciated game based on the original series.  I need only one card "Klingon Battlecruiser" from the Starfleet Maneuvers expansion to complete the entire set.  I'll trade entire sealed boosters from other games for it if necessary.

Galactic Empires (Companion Games 1994): Trade lists coming; I have multiples of Strength 10 cards from the Universe Edition.

On the Edge (Atlas Games 1995): I haven't cataloged these yet, but have 4 booster boxes total (one basic and one from each expansion) so I should end up with lots of trade fodder.


  1. I want Hitman from Medellin from the New Aeon Mythos set to complete my collection.
    Another man and I are also starting a play via forum game of Mythos should you be interested.

    1. I think I am that other man... I just sent you the New Aeon "Televangelist" Investigator Card via the BoardGameGeek CCG trades forum.

      Hopefully we can get a few more players...

  2. Hiya,

    I'm after the following investigators from the NEW AEON set for the Mythos CCG:
    - Obsessed Federal Agent/Obsessed Agent in Mi-Go Braincase
    - Pallid Programmer/Deep-One Hybrid
    - Skeptical Pathologist/Grinning Ghoul
    - Trigger-Happy Mercenary/Sardonic Serpentman

    I have plenty of Mythos / Blood Wars / X-Files / INWO to trade, and I;m happy to buy.

    Are you able to help, please?

    Thanks, Indigo

    1. I think I'm down to only one Agent/Mi-Go Investigator card but have extras of all the others. I don't need any cards but will send you a few pro-bono. Message me over on BoardGameGeek… my username there is "pahoota".

    2. Hi Pahoota! That's hugely kind of you, thank you! I only need the "Trigger-Happy Mercenary/Sardonic Serpentman" now, but one of those would be wonderful. I'll go find you over at Board Game Geek... John

  3. Hi Man!
    I'm a Cthulhu Mythos fan! Some years ago I find some friends to play Mythos ccg, so I take my old cards to play. I buyed when I was young but never can play.
    Now I'm trying to get as much cars as I can (is very hard to find). Lucky me, I'm livin in spain now, and I can get boosters of Cthulhu Rising and Necronomicon expansions. Dreamlands is imposible, and New Aeon was not published in Spanish.

    If you have some cards left to sell/trade I will be very happy! =)
    BTW: I'm trying to play Mythos online with GccG. I test a module that works, and I'm trying to run a server for it. If you wish, can try to play online!

  4. I'm glad you found such a great game like Mythos. I recently found a local gaming group and I'm planning to get them into Mythos. I therefore don't have any extra cards to offer.

    Good luck on the online play!