22 March 2014

Giant Monster Sculpt WIP Update

My projects proceed at a pace best described as glacial.  The giant (80mm) monster sculpt I'm attempting is no exception.

I added the chest muscles, but still need to do the arms, back, and tail.  And the feet are just placeholders: I plan on adding hard Milliput claws and then building the toes and fingers of the hands around those.

I'm wondering about doing a head.  In my original concept, seen here, the creature is headless, with just eyestalks and multiple mouth stalks.  Of course I did this because I'm too chicken to sculpt a head.  But I might try it, if I can come up with an interesting design.

19 March 2014

Scratchbuild Spaceship with Globular Fuel Tank

I've been a bit bored with gaming in general, so I thought I'd try scratchbuilding a design that's been in my head for quite some time.

I used a craft bead to make the globular fuel tank in the middle of the ship, which was made using my standard technique detailed in this previous post.

The ship is primed but still needs to be based and painted.

61mm long