24 August 2013

Scratchbuild Spaceship WIP: Resin and Apoxie Sculpt

I've been doing impression molded spaceship miniatures for a few years now, and despite the flat featureless bottoms I've always been happy with the results.  Out of curiosity however, I decided to try producing a miniature with both a detailed top and bottom hull.

For the top hull I used the 85mm resin cast featured in my last post.  That cast was used to define the outer boundaries of the impression mold for bottom hull, which was then cast using the same method.

Once the bottom hull was complete the two were joined by sandwiching a thin layer of Aves Apoxie Sculpt in between.  The epoxy putty was then used to slowly sculpt the join between the two hulls.  The sculpted portions can be seen in the in the pictures below: the epoxy portions are the white color while the resin casts are cream.

I really like this putty.  Unlike Pro-create or Kneadatite it doesn't stick too much to the tools, nor is it too springy.  And like Milliput, it smooths very well with water.  Like all epoxies I've used, Apoxie Sculpt hardens a lot quicker with the help of a heat lamp.  It's very similar in many respects to Milliput Super-fine.  I find the Milliput SF gives generally smoother surfaces and takes detail just slightly better, but also sticks a lot more to my tools and my fingers.  Also the Milliput develops a "crust" that I have to cut off before mixing, which wastes a portion of the putty.  I think the Apoxie Sculpt's packaging (little plastic tubs) is what prevents it from crusting up; I'll probably therefore transfer my Milliput to similar containers if I find any.

Only the port side of the ship is complete.  I still need to do the entire join on the starboard side, as well as create a nozzle section for the stern and then blend the join there as well.  Since I'm currently swamped with take-home work, I expect this project to continue very slowly.

Resin = cream color; Apoxie Sculpt = white

Bottom hull: incomplete starboard side plus flight stand interface