25 January 2015

Spaceship or Spaghetti?

Spaceship or spaghetti?  Depends on your imagination I guess…

03 January 2015

Friday Night Fights Boxer Sculpt WIP Complete

I'm finished with my first boxer for use with Two Hour Wargames' Friday Night Fights game.  Overall I'm happy.  The figure has some definite proportion issues, an unrealistic pose and a lot of surface roughness which, coupled with a brown ink wash makes him look like The Thing (Ben Grimm not John Carpenter).  Still, I can claim I finally finished a project!

In addition to the satisfaction of finally finishing something, I learned a lot from this sculpt.  I am now applying this experience to my next boxer effort, already in progress.  Hopefully I learn from my mistakes and if I'm happy enough with the second fighter I will mold him for future castings.

The first two pictures show the completed figure with shoes and trunks.  I elected not to waste time adding hair.

I made the mistake of priming the boxer gray which forced my to use multiple coats of flesh tone.  While I was painting the flesh I dropped the fighter, breaking off his arms.

I felt sick, but luckily was able to hold the arms in place with CA glue (pic 3) and then get rid of the cracks with Milliput Super-Fine (pic 4).  Unfortunately, the shoulders just don't look the same as they did prior to the break.