25 May 2015

Spaghetti Starships WIP Update 25 May 15

I'm continuing to refine my pasta-based technique for spaceship miniatures.  I've learned to turn them out faster as well as discovered some interesting new pasta shapes that look even more artificial.  I've also figured out an easy and consistent basing technique using these little plastic discs found in food packaging.

Out of all the techniques presented on this blog, the spaghetti technique seems to yield ships with the most appropriate appearance of scale.  I've therefore decided to focus my efforts on making fleets of these little guys.  Unfortunately my attempts at making a mold of a previous pasta-vessel failed; since these ships are so inexpensive and easy however, I will just make each one a unique design.

The one thing I'm still working on is painting them.  While gray looks great, I do want some more variation.  I'm continuing to experiment with inks but for my next ship I might follow Desert Scribe's techniques and dry brush over black primer.

Materials: pasta and cotton swab stems

45 mm long

10 May 2015

Happiness is Scratchbuilding (Spaceships)

Work has kept me on the road through all of April, leaving me little time to satisfy my creative urge.  I've barely had time to check other people's blogs, let alone finish the series of posts on my 1/600 solo jet game.

I finally got a weekend with two full days uninterrupted by any trips to or from the airport.  Instead of continuing any of the dozen or so projects I've started but not finished (giant monster sculpt, boxer sculpt, Marvel Super Heroes RPG cards…the list goes on) I went back to the security of the familiar.  I made another scratch build spaceship!

I went back to my roots and made this one out of spaghetti, as well as toothpicks, very thin sheet styrene, and some other materials for the domes.  Unlike any of my old spaghetti ships however, I will not use this one for impression molds.  I like it so much, I plan to make an Alumilite RTV rubber mold of the ship directly and then cast copies in resin.  The pictures here show the master primed; I plan to let it sit for 24 hours to make sure the primer is really dry and an effective barrier between the spaghetti and RTV rubber.

59mm long

Bow is left in picture; stern is right