01 June 2014

6mm Sci-Fi Micro Armor Terrain: The Seven Dollar City

I'm taking a break from some online games of Mythos to get back to scratch building.  I've neglected my 6mm sci-fi tank platoons for a long time, but I got some inspiration from a couple of excellent library books and my homebrew tank v tank solitaire rules are coming together again.

The only way these solo rules will be any fun is if the table features a lot of cover.  I came up with a way of making cylindrical towers from polystyrene cups that takes just a matter of hours.  After getting a proof-of-concept design 70% complete and learning a number of valuable lessons, I rushed off to the dollar store to get more supplies.  The total cost of materials was just under  $7.00 US, not counting things already on hand like glues, paints and bits for details.  I should be be able to get about 7 to 10 buildings from this purchase.

Below are some pics of the proof-of-concept building.  The tower proper is not yet complete, nor is it based.  I'm very happy with the roof detailing, but the ground floor needs some definite work to really make it look like a real structure (like a door perhaps...)  I'll finish up this building and then start mass-producing the others, based on the lessons-learned from this first one.  I'll take pictures of these subsequent towers and post a tutorial.
Scratchbuilt tank is 31mm long

Detailing on the roof really makes the building
Need to base and add ground-level details