26 November 2013

Chunky-style Scratchbuild Spaceship Finished

I'm finally back to scratchbuilding.  The 85mm ship I was working on months ago is still on hiatus.  In fact, instead of picking that project back up, I decided to finish the chunky, knobby-looking scratchbuild I detailed in my last post.

63mm long miniature

I really like the look of this ship, over the panel lines on some of the other impression-mold ships on this site.  Panel lines are good on fighter jets and armored vehicles at 1/600 and 1/300 scale, but just don't look right on giant spaceships.

Experimenting with high flight stands...65mm high!

The knobby details made painting super easy.  Just a quick coat of gray primer, then a coat of "magic wash" with illustrator's ink mixed with water and Future floor polish.  Then drybushing with two lighter shades of gray.

Unlike some of my builds, this one has a bottom

I plan to edit this post tomorrow when some better light in the day hopefully yields better pictures (and I finish painting the flight rod).

EDIT: New, but not necessarily improved pictures...

Sunlight overpowering the drybrushing