19 July 2018

Solo Spaceship Miniatures Game: Greater Space Battles (New Version)

Example page
The newest version of Greater Space Battles (GSB) is available for free on my downloads page.

I've finally settled on a design for a spaceship miniatures game that I'm happy with.  It's specifically designed for solo play and most notably it is very specific to my tastes.  The game therefore requires a lot of hand-made "props" on the table, which involve a bit of construction time but help the game play much faster.

Of all my solo-play designs that have failed (most of them) and all that have succeeded (few), I've found the discriminator to be speed-of-play.  Although this newest version of GSB isn't exactly lightning speed, it's fast enough to avoid tedium, while remaining random enough for interesting solo play.

Here's the introduction paragraph from the 8 page rule set:

Greater Space Battles was first introduced in 2011 as an attempt at designing a solo spaceship miniatures game.  While initial playtesting showed that solo space battles could indeed be played, each new game revealed more areas requiring refinement.  The game presented here represents the incorporation of all these lessons learned over the last seven years.  Only the initial germ of the original Greater Space Battles remains; the game presented here contains mostly new concepts and is the same in name only.  Hopefully, the solo-player finds the new concepts a vast improvement over the old.

Please let me know if you have any feedback.

04 July 2018

Scratchbuild Spaceship Miniatures: 4 July 2018 Edition

I'm preparing to post the latest iteration of my solo spaceship game Greater Space Battles here and rewriting the rules have inspired me to make a new spaceship design.

The ship is mostly pasta and measures about 45mm.

On the table with scratchbuild moon and planet

Extreme close-up to highlight my poor brush-work