Greater Space Battles Simple Spaceship Solo Game

 Greater Space Battles Cover (Print double-sided on Letter paper; print the above rules in booklet format and staple inside)

Vector/Readout Disc template for designing your own ships for Greater Space Battles

Able Spaceman [Draft]: Another Solo Spaceship Game (d10s required)

Our Space Age Army: Solo Platoon-Level Skirmish Rules

On the Edge Emulator (NEW!) 

War In Space: Able Spaceman Edition
   (My first spaceship miniatures game; no longer supported)

War In Space (hex-based variant) Range Effect Table 
[Mondo Wall Chart Size]

Illuminati: New World Order Solitaire Variant Rules

Quest for the Grail CCG Solitaire Variant Rules

Galactic Empires CCG Five Booster Challenge Solitaire Variant Rules

Galactic Empires CCG Revised Solitaire Variant Rules

Galactic Empires CCG collection maintenance spreadsheet

Dune Collectible Card Game Solitaire Variant Rules

d12 Death Blow Rules-sheet

d12 Death Blow Play-aids sheet

Friday Night Fights Randomly Generating Boxers Based on Fame for Friday Night Fights 2nd Edition by Two Hour Wargames (buy their stuff!)

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