12 August 2014

Janko's Tanks and Planes

Reader Janko used some of my techniques to make these cool little tanks and jets.  Very creative stuff; check them out...

10 August 2014

DIY 1/600 Air Combat Hex Mat

Actually, an internet vendor did it for me, but I had to create the pattern.  Best $25.00 I've probably spent in wargaming.

I found this website called Build-A-Sign so I went there and selected a 3 foot by 3 foot custom vinyl banner.

Next I went to Microsoft Powerpoint and started a new presentation with a custom slide size of 3 foot square.  I inserted a screen capture of an aerial view from Google Maps and resized it to fit the slide.  Since the original image was 72 dpi, this resulted in massive pixelation but I didn't mind.  I simply cranked up the transparency on the image to wash it out.

Next I created a 1 inch hex pattern in Powerpoint using a shape file and overlaid it on the aerial image, saving the whole thing as a composite image.

Finally I uploaded my newly created composite image as the custom background for my vinyl banner, selected "no grommets" (excellent that they have that option), and hit "order".  About 10 days later my vinyl banner showed up.  The hexes are perfectly 1 inch and while not extraordinarily crisp, still far better than I could do by hand.  Since the mat is vinyl and meant for outdoor display it's very tough and looks water/dirt proof, yet rolls up tight and is light.  The banner cost $25.00 with shipping being free and fast.

I've been busy building a vacuum-former, trying out new sculpting techniques, and of course working, but now I'm going to have to paint some more planes up!  Oh and post my solo jet rules...

SU-9 launching missile

3 foot by 3 foot square

1 inch hex patterns