10 June 2012

1/300 Future Tank New WIP

Alright, I know I promised to show a tutorial on 6mm sci-fi buildings from egg carton styrene.  And I know I still need to paint and base my water putty futuristic apartment building.  But scratchbuilding tanks is just much more fun.

I'm still using my putty/impression mold method, but this time instead of spaghetti I used laminated styrene sheets as the initial shape.  Laminating the plastic together and sanding created a very regular shape very easily.  I know this is how 90% of the sculptors out there start their models, and maybe one day I will have the confidence with two-part epoxy to sculpt a vehicle like the professionals do, instead of my method.

This latest vehicle is a big one.  The sloping sides make me think "hovertank", but I hate hovertanks.  What a cop-out.  I know that tactically a hovering tank would have superior mobility, but I think it's really just a convenient excuse to avoid sculpting tracks.  An excuse I will probably take full advantage of by the way, because sculpting tracks sucks.  I have no shame.  I'm going to have to re-do the turret however.  The whole domed look is just too dorky.

Tank turret (left) and hull putty masters

Next step is to mold and then cast in resin.  I'm going back to Alumilite HSIII just because I need to use the stuff up, but that means the mold cure time will be 48 hours.  With all the time I invest in trying to build a micro-armor force, I think it's worth it to buy commercially instead of scratchbuilding.  GZG's figures are diabolically cheap for insane quality...how can I resist?