22 May 2014

MYTHOS CCG Custom Adventure: The Dreams in the Witch-House

Here's an Adventure that can be used by any of you old stalwarts out there still playing the MYTHOS CCG by Chaosium.  The adventure is based off of Lovecraft's short-story "The Dreams in Witch-House".

One thing that makes the MYTHOS game so good is that Chaosium gave us a lot of the components of great Lovecraft stories in the form of Ally, Artifact, Monster, Location cards, etc.  They didn't however, make the corresponding Adventure cards that pulled all those pieces together to recreate the stories.  They left that up to us, which is a lot of fun.

Drop in your office program and print!

17 May 2014

Dead CCG Necromancy: MYTHOS Lives!!!

I started this blog with a focus on solo-gaming but recently I've had an embarrassment of riches when it comes to finding gaming opponents.  Currently I am involved in two games over the internet, both of which were the result of using BoardGame Geek (BGG).  What a great site!

The first game I'm involved in is the first scenario of the original Starfire Pocket Game from Task Force Games.  I'm playing it via email using the VASSAL system.  I reserve all judgement of the Starfire rules since I don't want my opinion colored by the play-by-email process.  The VASSAL program is really cool, but the game is just ponderously slow.  I'd really like to play this game live, against a real opponent.

The other game I'm currently involved in is what this post is about.  What fun!  I've convinced two gentlemen to play the old MYTHOS CCG by Chaosium with me via forum on BGG.  You can follow the action here.
My MYTHOS table, as of this post
The great part about this game is that both of my opponents and myself are all Lovecraft fans.  Furthermore, we all appreciate the fact that the MYTHOS CCG was all about story-telling, and not just attacking like most of the CCGs published.  Our busy lives make the Play-by-Forum format perfect, and the slow pace allows us to actually write small narratives with each card play.  Strung together these narratives make fun little tales.  Worthy of Lovecraft or Clark Ashton Smith?  No way.  August Derleth maybe.