07 September 2015

CCG Emulation: On the Edge

I just finished a Play-by-Forum contest of Atlas Games' old On the Edge (OtE) card game over on BoardGameGeek (BGG).  The game got me inspired to continue working on CCG emulation using VBA for Excel.

The file I discuss here is available on my downloads page.  Of course, you'll still need access to OtE cards to get the details of individual cards and play but the file allows quick building of a card deck and a handy way to visualize where the cards are on the board.

OK, so when the file is opened, go to the "Table" sheet and you'll see it indeed looks like a game table. The buttons in the bottom-left corner are active.

At this point you have to option to do an OMNI League (i.e. sealed starter) "purchase.  Click the button that says "OMNI Starter".  Pushing this button starts a macro that gives you 60 cards with the rarity distribution based on an actual OtE Starter Pack.  The macro lets you know when it is done (next pic); it takes about a minute for it to sort through the "cut-sheet" and select the cards.

If you want to thin down your OMNI deck, go to the sheet labeled "Cards".  This sheet was adapted from one which was originally designed for collection management.  You can sort by all manner of traits and other characteristics.  You'll notice that the previous macro populated the "Quantity" column for you.  Filter out the blanks in the quantities column to eliminate cards that are not available (next pic).  Then change the quantities of those that are available to reflect the OMNI deck you want to play.

You can skip the "OMNI Starter" button and go right to the "Cards" sheet in order to build a custom killer deck.  In order to build a deck, you simply type in the third column the number of copies of a particular card that will go into your deck.  So if you want four Resounding Bells in your deck, type "4" in column C next to Resounding Bell.  Note that cards from all expansions are available.

Regardless if you choose to play a sealed starter or make a killer deck, when you are ready to play (quantities filled out) go back to the "Table" sheet.  Press the "Shuffle and Draw 10" button and the program will do just that, drawing rounded rectangle shapes individually labeled with your card names. You move these around the table however you please.  If you need to draw a card, press the "Draw One" button to do so.  When you are out of cards, the program tells you.

When you are done playing, simply hit "reset" and everything is set back to start.  Don't erase any of the card shapes on your own: it will screw up the macros.

That's where the program stands for now.  I will work on it sometime in the future and add "Booster Buys" so you can limit your cards to maybe one Starter and a few boosters from the different expansions.

My ultimate goal is to create a "card summary" area on the table where it will show the Power, Pull, Cost, Special Abilities, Etc. of the selected card.  The macro is super simple to write; the pain is just getting all the Power, Pull, and Cost numbers for each card into the "Card" reference sheet.