02 April 2018

Solo RPG: Marvel SAGA (TSR) Custom Card Update #2

I finally finished the custom homebrew Fate deck for TSR's defunct Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game (MSHAG, also known as "the SAGA System") which I started years ago.

Preview: not to scale.  Deck features 100 cards
The cards are posted on my downloads page and I've also submitted them to RoleplayingGameGeek (RPGGeek) for upload into the Files section of the game.  The format is a .pdf and it is designed to be printed onto blank label sheets, then cut out and fixed to card stock (or old playing cards).

As highlighted in the previous post, the cards have dispensed with the character art and instead include a large open area to write campaign/adventure notes.  The cards also feature a random letter, following the Scrabble letter distribution, for random word generation.  I'm hoping to use these cards for some solo-gaming as I always found the MSHAG gave both the GM and player more narrative control than most other games in the same era.

Enjoy and please give me feedback.  I created the cards using MS Excel, using macros to quickly build each card from the raw database of information.  As such, I can make changes and regenerate the entire deck with the click of a button.  My next plan is to make a fantasy version of the cards (custom ones, not recreating the Dragonlance Fifth Age cards however).  I've also contemplated making a Star Wars Fate deck as I've always felt the Star Wars universe is very comic book like.

EDIT: RPGGeek rejected my submission on the grounds of "submission contains scans of copyrighted images).  Nope.  The cards were handmade by me on Powerpoint, including drawing all those little black circles to emulate the "Kirby Crackle".  Of course all the information on the cards (suits, auras, values, etc.) are copyrighted but I derived this information from an Excel file already existing on and downloaded from RPGGeek!


Chris said...

I wish I had your expertise on producing cards and such for games. I've long had some ideas for producing cards to be used for solo games.

pahoota said...

Thanks Chris...unfortunately any skill I have was developed by making countless spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations for work.