15 April 2018

Solo RPG: Star Trek Cards

I finished my set of 100 cards for a solo Star Trek RPG.  A big thank you to the folks behind the Final Frontier and Trekbats fonts, both of which they've graciously posted for free download online.

The 1 of Agility
Although I made extensive use of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros, it still took some time. Unfortunately I've found the VBA environment on the Macintosh (my home machine) is quite unstable. Compounding the frustration, the Windows machine I have access to doesn't accept new fonts. So it was necessary to create the general card templates in MS Powerpoint and Excel on the Windows machine and then transfer to my Mac to make it look "Trek". The data transfer wasn't flawless however with the colors changing. The background colors in particular are brighter and everything else seems a bit washed out to me. Oh well, as they say: perfect is the enemy of good enough.

I made some changes to the central "display" area from the WIP in the last post, the most prominent being the addition of the Trek iconography. The large icon in the left of the display simply exists for flavor; it has no game purpose. I kept the Star Trek-specific scene focus and moved the arbitrary symbols to the right side.

I plan to print these out and use them with a set of home-brew rules for solo roleplaying. The home-brew is heavily based on the SAGA System, as presented in TSR's Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game from the late 90s but with some significant modifications. I hope to get a few sessions logged which I'll share here.

"Peril" replaces the "Doom" card suit from Marvel's version

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