23 May 2021

Kars for Kaiju

Howdy.  Things have been a bit slow around here, at least on the gaming front.  Real life in the way, too much to do, blah, blah, I've said it all before and I'm sure everyone reading this is just as strapped for time.

So, I've yet to play my second game of Super Mission Force, despite having such a great time with the first one.  I rolled up Rooftop Rumble for the second scenario and I don't have that table ready.  A silly excuse really, as I can (and probably will) just put some gray rectangles down for the rooftops.  I prefer detailed terrain though, and building some good rooftop scatter scenery has stalled my campaign.

Anyways, let's talk tiny cars...

I mentioned giant-monster gaming a couple of posts ago and that's really what's consuming my minimal free time.  In accordance with my personal rules to stay focused, I'm trying to stick to a few scales, or paint figures I can use across multiple scales and that plan includes using 28-32mm figures as giant monsters (kaiju).

Making 28mm figures appear colossal requires scenery to force the illusion so I've started making buildings and tiny cars.  I sculpted 11 sedan type cars with plasticine and then made a silicone rubber mold of the lot.  The pictures below show the first casts; I figure if I fill up the mold every night this week, I can have ~50 cars by the weekend.  Plenty of things for kaiju to smash!

The pics also show an (unpainted) scratchbuilt office building for the kaiju to smash.  It was extremely easy to make, technique-wise, but a bit time-consuming.  I've also experimented with doing a structure that represents an entire block thinking it would save time but initial indications show it takes just as long.


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  1. You have pulled the normal wargaming trick - you reached a goal you set yourself (play a game of Super Mission Force by a certain time) and then immediately get distracted by other projects. I am doing the same thing, as are countless other gamers around the world!