14 April 2021

Dusty Attics and Faulty Memories

I haven't had any time for gaming recently between gradschool and traveling for work.  I've even had to temporarily drop out of my 1st Ed. AD&D game, which until now I'd attended for 28 straight sessions.

Despite the depressing demands on my time, I got some awesome hobby news this week: my parents found a treasure trove of some of my old gaming stuff!

My folks were organizing their attic and found some old boxes containing things from my childhood.  We knew those boxes were up there but I'd assumed it was only things from when I was really young, like old Star Wars figures and such.  Turns out, there was a respectable amount of RPG books and Ral Partha miniatures I'd brought back from college.

Attic Treasure Trove

Disregard the junk comics

Ral Partha rocked!

I swore I sold this stuff off.  I mean, the "memory" of me packing up all this stuff and sending it to Troll and Toad, or Noble Knight Games was so clear.  Of course, my collection was much, much bigger and I did sell most of it to either or both of those two businesses.  I guess I held a few boxes aside though and left them with my folks for safe keeping.  I truly don't remember that though.  It makes me wonder what other memories are inaccurate...

I've been kicking myself for a decade and a half for purging my collection.  It's a good thing to see that apparently some of the best bits got saved from the purge. 


  1. Nothing more joyful than discovering some gaming stuff you had completely forgotten about.

    1. That's right Shaun. It's better than finding money in one's pocket, when one is just going to then use said money to buy gaming stuff. Cuts out the middle-man!