22 October 2016

Giant Monster (Kaiju) Figure Sculpt

Going for that Ultraman villain look…
Here's a few shots of a monster figure sculpt I've been working on.  I made the mistake of making the hands separately… hence the very long forearms.  Oh well, the best part about making monsters is no one can tell you your proportions are wrong.

Materials: Super Sculpey, acrylic craft paint
Height: 80mm standing straight up
Rough skin is on purpose

I hope to get some better pictures… you can't really see the dry-brushed highlights in these photos.

Vertical slits are supposed to be mouths with teeth…not gills


  1. Kind of freaky looking. Is he supposed to be the same height as Godzilla?

  2. Freaky is exactly what I was going for. I wanted him to be a little more monstrous and less "muscleman" but it was a quick sculpt to try out materials.

    Yep, the same size as Godzilla (roughly). I really want to play some Kaiju games. I have some great rulesets (Monster Island and Giant Monster Rampage) but I haven't yet come up with solitaire adaptions.