29 December 2011

Revised Spaceship Solo Game

I have over 1100 hits on my downloads page.  Now I realize that probably 1000 of those are Russian and eastern European spambots, but I have to think that someone out there has read my rules.  And to those one or two people who've actually downloaded and tried them out I must apologize for constantly rewriting things.    

The past few posts allude to a totally rewritten version of my solo spaceship game, Greater Space Battles.  By following the link above you can get this newest edition which features new, and in my opinion improved, rules.

  • The most significant change is that momentum is conserved.  All ships with speed greater than 0 move every turn, ensuring a faster playing game.  Ships move like the vessels in the old Atari game Space War, having to turn their tails "forward" in order to brake.  This makes for interesting maneuvering and helps eliminate the "wet-navy in space" feel.
  • Energy allocation is revised so that smaller ships aren't trashing the big ships as they did in my first few playtests of the old rules.  More importantly, crew experience plays into energy allocation, giving seasoned crews an edge for running a more efficient ship.
  • Various stream-lining, such as the elimination of the targeting phase.
  • Original art
Enjoy, and remember this can be played on a hex mat, so don't be put off by the wonky "movement discs"... with a hex mat you don't need them (you'll still need ships' readout discs of course).


  1. Ok, I'm not a Russian Spambot, and I really dislike blogs. That said, thanks for making the rules available. Played a short game just to get my feet wet and made some markers (I got confused with just pennies). Shoot me an email at stryderg at mail.com and I'll get them to you as .jpg files.

  2. Thanks again for checking out my rules StryderG. I'm about to make a new post with some improvements I've made after playtesting. No huge changes, but I've adjusted the way dice are rolled for movement. The way the current rules are written the larger ships tend to "drift" helplessly around the table. The new rules will fix that.