13 January 2019

Two 6mm Scratchbuild Future Tank Platoons: Finished

I completed two platoons of future tanks last night, finally finishing up the detailing.

Overall I'm pleased with all aspects of these except the tracks: I dry brushed so sloppy that in general I obscured the detail I painstakingly sculpted.  Oh well, that's learning.  Next time I'll paint a lighter base color on the tracks/wheels and then hit it with a heavy wash.


  1. These are really quite great. The only thing I could suggest to improve them is to have a bit of paper wrapped around the barrel to improve its look. (could make a fume extractor, muzzle brake, or squeeze barrel depending on how you place the paper)

  2. These are future tanks... they don't need muzzle brakes! Just kidding. Thank you; I'll try that when I put together the next two platoons of the new design (this weekend perhaps).

  3. Anyone else having problems posting comments to their own blog? I had to change the settings from "embedded" comments to "full page". Hence I no longer have the option to reply directly to someone else's comment, just to post a general one.