20 August 2011

d12 Death Blow (Martial Arts Game, Pt2)

I slept on it and I really like the two-player version of the simple fighting game I came up with.  In fact, I'm disowning the solo rules I proposed in the last post.  The two player version works great as a solo version as well; simply pit two shuffled decks against each other and watch them go!  I've decided to call the game d12 Death Blow.

I think this game would be a fun distraction for kids (or bored adults).  I've thought of a few improvements: first let's simplify the dice used.  Each fighter has two identically colored dice instead of four as before.  As the name of the game implies, players use d12 pairs exclusively.  Use these dice along with the Scale of Styles to determine the fighter's Attack and Defense scores; these dice are also compared to the fighter's current Reaction Speed to determine Initiative (see last post).  Since the same dice are now used both for Initiative and dealing/blocking damage, they reflect the aggressiveness of a fighter's move.  The use of two dice versus four results in some changes for the Signature Move rules.  A Joker now counts as an initial Mixed Offense style and grants the fighter an automatic Initiative of 2.  The fighter executing his signature move also gets a damage bonus equal to his experience Level!

I've created a little pdf with a simple fighter sheet which can be printed out, along with the Scale of Styles, and glued to a spare card.  Packs of cards typically come with a few promotional cards which work great for this purpose.  I've just set up my downloads page and I'll put this pdf up soon, as well as a one page summary rules-sheet.

Sample play-aid sheet


  1. This is a cool game. I have added a house rule that the winner gets 1 experience point just for winning, it is disappointing to win a close match and find you get no experience because you have no face cards remaining. Also what is the rule if you both run out of cards on the same round? We ignored that rounds results and played a new round in which I won but would like an official ruling.

  2. Thanks for checking out my game! I wrote this so long ago I forgot about it. I like your house rule regarding experience; I never thought about it that way. I'll use your modification as an official rule. As far as running out of cards on the same round, I always played this as a simultaneous knock-out. So one loss and one win for each player. If getting two results for a single match doesn't work for your style of tournament, just throw the match out like you did.

  3. Awesome. Thanks for responding so soon.